4U Systems团队赴安吉团建迎新

4U Systems Visit AnJi for Team Building

114日,4U Systems北京及上海团队齐赴浙江安吉团建迎新,公司早早就为团队安排了精彩丰富的行程,目标地为安吉天荒坪旅游大景区内带有明清古建筑风格的度假村,亭台楼阁、小桥流水,风景宜人,江南气息浓郁
On January 14th, many of the people from the 4U Systems Beijing and Shanghai teams went to Anji, in Zhejiang province, for a week of team building. The location is a resort with ancient Ming and Qing architectural style in the Anji Tianhuangping Tourism Scenic Area, containing pavilions, pagodas, small bridges, flowing water, pleasant scenery and a rich Jiangnan habitat.



The teams arrived and launched into team building competitions such as curling competitions, land dragon boat racing, and solitaire card challenges. 4U's consistent high-quality, high-efficiency, solidarity and collaboration style was clearly visible in the competition. The 4U spirit is "happy, collaborative, efficient, and innovative."

On the third day, a senior corporate training mentor brought a senior management course “Changing Corporate Thinking” to the team, helping the team to effectively summarize during the development process, optimize and sort out workflows.

此次拓训使得整个团队收获颇丰,4U 即将迎来2020新一年的挑战,团队每一位成员精神饱满地返程,期待新年后为客户朋友们带来更为满意的IT整体解决方案的优质服务体验。
The training was very fruitful for the entire team. 4U Systems is about to usher in the challenge of the new year 2020. Every member of the team will return in a spirited manner. We look forward to bringing a more satisfactory overall IT service experience to our customers and friends after the new year.