A Brief Introduction of our Service Delivery Department (part 1)

4U Systems的服务及服务交付部门的简单介绍 (第一部分)


In our practical work, many customers attach great importance to the quality of service and after-sales ability, and regard it as one of the key factors to determine suppliers. Unlike other factors such as price and technical capability, service and after-sales are difficult to quantitatively grasp in many bidding processes. As a result, many customers are "kidnapped" by existing suppliers in line with the principle of "using familiar vendor to avoid risks caused by uncertainty", thus missing the opportunity to introduce better suppliers. The followings will give a brief introduction of our service and service delivery department, so that we could offer our clients more choice:  


What specific work does the service delivery department do?

故障报修解决  Trouble shooting
完工项目改造  Renovation of completed projects
系统优化处理   System optimization
潜在需求挖掘   Potential demand mining
客户关系维护  Customer relationship maintenance
公司业务拓展   Business development of the company

Tracking & Monitoring Progress of Requests

How to ensure the quality of service delivery?



Quick response to customer needs is the most important thing to ensure the quality of service. Maintaining interaction and timely feedback with customers in the process of follow-up problem solving. Additionally, providing regular service reports for customers and conducting customer service satisfaction survey from time to time are necessary.                                      



What has been the most impressive project?



WeWork is a leading company in the co-working industry and is headquartered in New York. Since it entered the Chinese market in 2016, it has been in the stage of rapid delivery expansion. Our company has also been privileged to participate in Wework projects from the very beginning. So far 21 projects have been completed with them, including 9 in Beijing, 11 in Shanghai and 1 in Singapore.


Wework's project requirements come not only from the internal maintenance needs of its team, but also from the maintenance and transformation needs of its resident members. We need to communicate with them frequently to ensure that we can understand the customers' needs in a timely and ready manner. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project within the prescribed time, it is necessary to maintain multi-party coordination with the relevant units such as the designers and the general contractors.