A Brief Introduction of our Service Delivery Department (part 2)

4U Systems的服务及服务交付部门的简单介绍 (第二部分)

工作中最大的挑战是什么?  如何克服?

What are the biggest challenges in the job? How to overcome them?



The biggest challenge is resource coordination: Coordinating engineer availability for emergency responses during special time periods and also including the coordination of updating and renovation with total contracting, suppliers and equipment procurement.



How to overcome these challenges: We have many suppliers who can provide strong on-site or online support for us. At the same time, it cannot be separated from the support of various departments of the company and the hard work of the whole service department to respond to special emergency requests.



Some factors affecting service quality


关于供应商的大和小 The Size of Suppliers

有些客户倾向于规模大的供应商,认为只有上了规模,才能有完善的规章制度和流程来确保服务质量,而相反有些客户倾向于规模小的供应商,认为只有小公司才能有服务的灵活性并能够对客户进行全力的支持。这反映了客户既想要供应商有一定的规模以增加可靠性,又想让其保持小团队的灵活性。而4U Systems正好兼具这两个特点,多年的行业经验积累了流程把我能力,而公司规模又没有大到僵化的地步,仍保持足够的弹性来满足客户的灵活性需求。我们和WeWork的合作充分说明了这一点。

Some customers tend to choose large-scale suppliers. They think that only when they are large-scale can they have perfect rules and procedures to ensure the quality of service. On the contrary, some customers tend to prefer small-scale suppliers because they think that only small companies can have flexibility in service and can give full support to customers. This reflects that customers want suppliers to have a certain size to increase reliability, but also want to maintain the flexibility of small teams. 4U Systems has both of these characteristics - years of industry experience has accumulated the ability of process to ensure service quality, while the company size is not too big to be rigid, it still maintains enough flexibility to meet the flexibility needs of customers. Our ongoing cooperation with WeWork fully illustrates this point.

关于供应商的新和旧 New vs. Old Suppliers

有些客户有长期的合作伙伴,彼此建立了长期的信任关系,有些新晋的客户则会从市场上寻找新的技术动向和谋求引入新的供应商。而这则反应了客户既想保持稳定性,又不想被行业趋势所淘汰。而4U Systems在和客户建立长期合作的过程中,会不断的追踪和评估新技术的动态,并适时引入经过市场验证的稳定可靠的新技术和新方案。

Some customers have long-term partners and have established long-term trust relationship with each other. Some customers will find new technology trends in the market and seek to introduce new suppliers. This reflects that customers want to maintain stability, but do not want to be eliminated by industry trends. In the process of establishing long-term cooperation with customers, 4U Systems will continuously track and evaluate the trends of new technologies, and timely introduce stable and reliable new technologies and schemes verified by the market.

关于供应商的本地化 Localization of Suppliers

本地化的供应商则意味着供应商更了解当地环境,拥有更多的本地化资源,包括渠道的和人力的。这些都会关系到项目的顺利实施,也是决定服务质量的重要因素。目前4U Systems公司总部位于北京,在上海设有分公司,分别配置两套团队来支持这两边的项目。并在两地深耕多年,因此可以对两地以及其辐射地区提供本地化的服务。

Localized suppliers mean that suppliers have a better understanding of the local environment and have more localized resources, including channels and manpower. All of these will be related to the smooth implementation of the project, and also an important factor in determining the quality of service. At present, 4U Systems is headquartered in Beijing and has a branch office in Shanghai. Two teams are deployed to support the projects on both sides. 4U has been in operation in both places for many years, so it can provide localized services to both places and their surrounding areas.

关于供应商的报价和服务质量  The Quotation and Service Quality of Suppliers


There is a positive correlation between price and service quality. We provide high cost-effective service within our capabilities and in accordance with the actual needs of customers.