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Established in 2006, 4U Systems works with multi-national companies operating in Mainland China across a broad range of industries to provide support in IT, AV & Security solutions. 怡东鸿图(北京)网络科技有限公司创立于2006年,与中国大陆多个行业的跨国公司合作,为其提供信息技术、视听技术和安保解决方案。 4U Systems has completed projects with more than 120 clients in the pharmaceutical, energy, education, automobile, financial, Hi-Tech and services industries. Our end-to-end model encompasses consultancy, design, integration and outsourcing services. 怡东鸿图已经与来自制药、能源、教育、汽车、金融、高科技和服务行业的120多个客户合作完成了众多项目。我们的端对端模式包括咨询、设计、整合和外包服务。 Some of the largest clients that 4U Systems have worked with include Johnson Controls, Unilever, Stanford University & WeWork – a testament to the level of engineering expertise, project management and international mind-set within the company. 与我们合作的最大的客户中有美国江森自控公司、联合利华、斯坦福大学以及WeWork联合办公,有力地证明了我们公司在工程技术、项目管理和国际化思维方面的专业水平。 Our team of PMP qualified project managers and certified technical teams, combined with an international team of Chinese & English speaking account managers and sales teams ensures that 4U Systems provides professional and high quality project delivery. 我们拥有一支PMP合格认证的项目经理团队和经验丰富的技术团队,结合国际化的中英双语的客户经理和销售团队,保证专业和高质量的项目交付。 Contact us to see how we can help you! 联系我们,您将看到专业的我们!