Meet The Team - Tony

Tony Lu - General Manager

What does 4U Systems do, and what services do they provide?


4U is an IT systems solution provider established in China. We provide services including system design, technical consulting, project implementation, system operation and maintenance, and new technology application.
 4U 是一家成立于中国的IT系统解决方案提供商,我们提供包括系统设计,技术咨询,项目实施,系统运维,新技术应用等服务。

When was 4U Systems created, and why did you decide to start the business?


4U Systems was established in 2006, based on a market analysis we made at the time. In order to occupy the Chinese market and expand their influence, European and American multinational corporations and government agencies continue to increase investment in China to expand, and as part of that they hope to find international professional IT services. That’s where 4U Systems fits in.
4U Systems成立于2006年。为了更持久的占领中国市场,扩大在中国的影响力,欧美跨国企业、政府机构在中国持续加大投入,扩大生产规模,他们希望寻找到国际化的,专业化的IT服务商进行合作,4U的成立恰逢其时。

How has the company changed in the past 12 years (from the first customer until today)?


When the company was established, 4U identified a very clear market target/customer group - top Fortune500 companies, market and technology leaders, and high-end customers. The company has built a complete international service team, including excellent market development staff. So far, we have worked with close to 150 high-quality customers. Our target customer group has evolved over the past 12 years (due to issues such as the 2008 financial crisis) - we started to invest more resources in pharmaceuticals, education, high-tech industries, and gradually expanded beyond the financial industry & traditional manufacturing customers, but our target customers are always the leaders of their industries.
Tony Lu, General Manager, 4U Systems

What makes 4U Systems better than other IT companies in China, and why should MNC companies consider 4U for their projects?


4U always upholds quality of service as our first priority - from design documents to construction quality, from the IT infrastructure to the application of new technologies, we have stringent standards and have impressed many customers because of this;
4U has the best project management teams – they follow international standards, are rigorous, experienced, creative and are familiar with Chinese and Western cultures;
4U has a core technology team with comprehensive knowledge – able to cover most IT subsystems, and has a good understanding of the division of labour and cooperation, and is good at learning (including learning feedback and insights from customers);
4U has a mature and complete work flow - all departments working smoothly, with a tacit understanding and timely response;
4U has 12 years of experience in high-end multinational corporations, educational institutions, and government entities. This is our advantage, so we are the best choice for MNC companies.