Meet The Team - Wendy

Wendy Wang - Purchasing Manager


You are an important part of the team, what do you do for 4U Systems?


My main job is the procurement of projects in Shanghai and East China, including participation in project insurance, cost budgeting, final procurement execution, etc., and also the handling of administrative affairs of the Shanghai branch


In your work, time is always a very important factor. What are some of the difficulties of delivering a project on-time in China?


Delivering aproject on time requires multiple aspects, such as on-time delivery of equipment, adequate manual coordination, and strong coordination of project managers. From the perspective of procurement, I need to make procurement arrangements in advance according to the project timeframe to ensure the timely delivery of the required equipment, but it does not rule out that some equipment will be delayed due to factors such as supply chain capacity,logistics, and even national customs. There is always a risk of delayed delivery, which requires strong coordination support from suppliers and frequent tracking of equipment movement. In the course of the project, it is often necessary to temporarily increase the amount of equipment due to project changes,which requires even more human and material coordination. International transfers will also increase project costs. However, the company's goal is high-quality & on-time delivery of projects, so procurement will try to handle any emergency in an optimal way.


What was the hardest case you dealt with at 4U, and how did you make it a success?

比较棘手的项目应该是JCI (江森自控)项目,因为成本和设备选型和施工周期都有不同程度的问题,不过最终在公司团队共同努力下顺利完成项目,具体细节就不方便透露。此项目金额较大也得到了GM的支持,参与了采购过程中的谈判事宜,且得到了供应商的有力支持。不过我认为处理棘手的项目,是给自己一个很好的学习锻炼机会,且通过这些项目,让自己有种持续学习的动力是一件好事。

The hardest project was probably the JCI (Johnson Controls) project, because of the cost, equipment selection and construction cycle have different levels of problems, but in the end the company worked together to successfully complete the project. Our General Manager provided a lot of extra support during this project by participating in the negotiation process and in the procurement process, and we received strong support from our suppliers. However, I think that dealing with difficult projects is a good chance to give yourself an opportunity to learn and exercise, and through these projects it is a good thing to have motivation to continue learning.


What is one thing you wish clients were more aware of when working towards a good relationship with an IT company?




Since the procurement work needs strong support from the finance department, the finance department also needs to make financial budget support to procurement according to the customer's payment situation. It is hoped that in future projects, better and more punctual payment terms can be reached with the customer for the procurement work, and the project ends up running smoothly.


Every company has an established workflow. Whether it is processing quotes or order execution, it takes a certain amount of time to complete in order to ensure accuracy. We hope that customers can accurately understand our schedule and try not to generate too many urgent matters. There may be a need for timely communication between the sales department and the customer but I feel that 4U is a very responsible team, and I hope that our work results will be recognized by customers.