Meet the Team - Wenger

Wenger Lu - Project Director

What is your role in the company, and why did you decide to be part of 4U Systems?

I have been working at 4U Systems over 10 years as the Vice General Manager & Project Director. I joined because I was attracted by its operation model and clients base. 4U Systems was established in 2006 and all the management staff have MNC background and aware of how they work. We provide professional service to our clients and at the same time, we can also learn a lot from them, especially their management skill and business operation. We always evolve with our client together.
副总经理兼项目总监.。到目前为止,已经在4U Systems工作超过十年,吸引我加入4U的主要原因是公司运营模式以及客户群体。公司成立于2006年,主要为在华外资企业提供IT技术及咨询服务,公司主要管理人员均有多年外资企业工作背景,熟悉外资企业运作方式,通过给客户提供专业的IT服务,我们也从客户那里学到了许多商业操作以及管理方面的经验,我们希望可以与客户共同发展及成长。

What is your experience of working before you started at 4U Systems?

Before 4U I had nearly 10 years working experience in the IT industry, beginning as a cabling engineer and progressing to network engineer, project coordinator, and then project manager. I have a deep understanding and technical background of cabling systems, network systems, security systems, audio-visual systems, IT rooms etc.

What makes 4U Systems’ PM team so good? and describe the extra value they bring to clients and their projects

1. All our PMs are PMI certified Professional (PMP) with rich experience in project management; 
2. All our PMs are bilingual and communicate with our MNC clients very fluently and efficiently; 
3. We allocate 2 PMs for each project; one is the primary and another is a backup, when the primary PM is not available due to any urgent situation, the backup PM will take over the project without any interruption. 
4. We always have a review meeting for all the completed projects and document lesson learned as part of the company’s organization process. Also, we will generate best practices for certain projects and apply them to the next project we engage in to add extra value to the client. 
5. Our motto is to ensure that any project activity should have a client focus. We constantly consider client interests in whatever we do. We sincerely believe that our own interest can best be served only by first serving our clients’ interest. This single-minded focus of all project team members ensures that the developed product meets the client objectives.
  1. 公司所有项目经理皆持有PMP证书,对项目管理有较深的理解和经验; 
2. 为了便于和外资企业客户沟通及交流,所有PM均可双语沟通(中文+英文); 
3. 每个项目配备两名项目经历,一主一备,当第一项目经理因突发紧急情况无法继续工作,备份项目经理可以无缝衔接,确保项目顺利实施; 
4. 每个项目实施完成后,都会有项目回顾,总结经验教训及最佳实践,以便给今后实施的项目提供更好的服务和质量; 

What has been the most exciting/interesting project you have been involved in?

I believe our Accenture AV system project was definitely a very exciting experience I have been through. There is a lab area inside the Accenture office which is used to present up-to-date technology to their clients, thus putting a high demand for the quality and performance on the audio-visual system. The system’s concept design was developed by their French staff and their end user is from India - 4U is responsible for the system design development, optimization and localization. Communication between each party was a big challenge for us to prevent any misunderstanding. A lot of new technology was adopted for this project including a high resolution video system, voice tracing system for video conference and atomic glass for presentation. Due to the tight schedule, lead time was also a big concern. Eventually we successfully completed the project within the planned schedule and the site open on time. We learned a lot from this project not only from technical update but also management skill. Just as I have said before - we evolve with our client together!

How do you work with your PM team to ensure they can continue to learn & develop, while also making sure they deliver excellent service to clients?

Team building is always a major focus within our company. For the PM team, a weekly project review is held on every Friday and all the PMs will join in the meeting to share their project experience, issues they met and discuss how to resolve the problems. Every PM can learn a lot from others to ensure the same problem will never happen again. The best practice is also shared in the meeting to make sure we deliver the excellent service to the client. Regular project management training is also indispensable to ensure our PM methods are up to date, while at the same time promoting our PM professional capability.