Success Story - WeWork

WeWork’s entry into Asia via its first stop of Shanghai in 2016 signaled a bold intent to disrupt the traditional mindset about quality and flexible work space options in Mainland China. At the same time, 4U Systems were celebrating 10 years of supporting Fortune500 clients from multiple industries across China. When the two companies crossed paths, the goal of 4U Systems was to find ways to help WeWork land in China successfully and flourish by solving their needs for IT, AV & Security hardware.

2016年WeWork进驻亚洲,第一站选在上海。WeWork致力于在中国大陆地区,颠覆人们有关优质灵活办公空间选择的传统思维,这点通过其在上海的大展拳脚,可见一斑。与此同时, 4U Systems也在庆祝其对《财富》500强在中国的各行业客户的支持迈入了第10个周年。当这两家公司相遇时,4U Systems的目标是寻找帮助WeWork成功落地中国市场的途径,努力解决其有关信息技术、音视频以及安全硬件等方面的需求。

4U System’s first project working together with WeWork opened early November 2016, and the prestigious Weihai Road location in the JingAn district of Shanghai – combining the rich heritage of the partially-secluded building with the modern trends applied by the WeWork design teams, 4U Systems supported in the design & integration of the full IT, AV & Security systems throughout the building. From the first moment of walking through the entrance gates, to the technology-enabled meeting rooms and the many days & nights of entertaining and interesting WeWork-organised events on the atrium projector event system, 4U Systems worked to maximize the experience of the members, guest & community staff.

4U Systems与WeWork展开的首个项目于2016年11月初开工。这幢建筑地处久负盛名的上海静安区威海路,隐于胡同内的老式建筑既透着浓郁的传统气息,又兼具WeWork设计团队所赋予的现代潮流。4U Systems为整个建筑的IT系统、音视频系统以及安全系统提供整体设计和部署。从走进入口大门的第一刻,到技术驱动的会议室,再到WeWork通过中庭投影仪会议系统组织的众多有趣的日间和夜间娱乐活动,4U Systems竭力为会员、宾客和社区工作人员带来最佳体验

Following the first project, 4U Systems continued to help support WeWork through their next projects at East Yan’An Road & the 13-floor Yunnan Road building in early 2017. Following this were another 3 projects working together, this time as WeWork’s first entries into Beijing with the timeless design of GuangHua Road, the sophistication of Ci Yun Temple & the vibrant hub of the WangJing Sony building. Vice general manager of 4U Systems, Wenger Lu, remarks:

继首个项目成功实施之后,2017年初,4U Systems对WeWork位于延安东路的项目以及高达13层的云南路大楼项目继续提供技术支持及服务。随后两家公司又合作开展了WeWork首次进军北京市场的3个项目:体现永恒设计的光华路项目、体现复杂设计的慈云寺项目以及生机勃勃的望京索尼大厦项目。4U Systems 副总经理鲁文国(Wenger Lu)表示:

“WeWork is the world’s leading provider of co-working / joint office spaces, and its operating model is quite different from traditional commercial real estate – mainly through the use of technology and data to optimize office design and to improve staff productivity. 4U Systems, during the initial projects, fully utilized our in-house technical and managerial strengths - with reference to WeWork’s global IT standards, combined with the actual situation in China, 4U Systems supported in several localization options for design, technical analysis, product selection and standard setting for the buildings in an attempt to help reduce costs and implement value engineering.”
“WeWork是全球顶级联合办公空间供应商,运营模式与传统商业地产有较大区别,主要通过利用技术及数据优势优化办公室设计和提高员工工作效率。4U Systems在初次与WeWork合作时,充分发挥本地项目团队的技术及管理优势,参照WeWork的全球IT技术标准,结合国内实际情况,在满足产品及系统性能的前提下,做了大量的本地化系统设计、技术分析、产品选型以及标准制定,极大节约了成本,实现了价值工程”

All welcome additions to the Beijing co-working office scene, and a further success in 4U Systems’ deployment of total solution services in IT, AV & Security. 4U Systems Beijing Project Manager, Luke Xie, commented:

以上都是北京联合办公现场受人欢迎的新作,也是4U Systems在信息技术、音频视频和安全等全方位解决方案服务部署方面的又一成功力作。4U Systems北京项目部项目经理Luke Xie表示:

“It has been really enjoyable working with the different WeWork teams on site. In particular, my favorite project to date has been the WangJing site” 

WeWork finished their impressive year of growth with 2 more projects (together with 4U Systems) at the newly opened ITC centre in Shanghai’s XuHui district, as well as working together on their first entry into Singapore at 15 Beach Road.

WeWork去年以非凡的业绩收尾,与4U Systems合作又完成了两个项目,分别是:上海徐汇区华山路1901号国贸汇A座以及WeWork首个进军新加坡的合作项目:海滩路15号。

2018 is shaping up to be an incredible year for WeWork and their growth across Asia, and in China it began with openings in the luxurious surroundings of Middle HuaiHai Road & the International Financial Centre in Shanghai as well as the contemporary hub of the Taikoo Li development in Beijing. Recent announcements of the merging with Naked Hub & the launch of the promising ‘Powered By We’ service ensure that WeWork will continue to dominate headlines in the real estate industry for the rest of the year & beyond. 

对于WeWork来说,2018年注定将是不平凡的一年,因为WeWork即将实现在亚洲的全面发展。2018年开年,WeWork在中国有三家联合办公场所先后开业,分别是富丽堂皇的淮海中路店与上海金融中心店以及现代时尚的北京三里屯太古里店。近期宣布与联合办公空间裸心社的合并计划以及“Powered By We”服务的推出,都将助力WeWork在2018年下半年以及随后几年内始终抢占中国商业地产的头条。

4U Systems Director of Business Development, Allan Price, comments:

4U Systems业务拓展总监艾伦(Allan Price)指出:

“It has been excellent to work alongside WeWork for so long. I’ve had a chance to meet and work with a lot of talented people in WeWork and have discussions about ways we can support their existing ideas as well as finding new ways to improve their customer experience inside every location. I think our team has also done a great job and we have a hard working core project team that make sure projects are delivered on time and at high quality while also being flexible enough to respond to any additional requests”